Monday, April 20, 2009

Mancat Monday

The birds are chirping, it's nice and sunny out... and I was back in my safe room today. Not because I'd been bad, but because mum's landlady was coming over to rip out the kitchen and bathroom linoleum and replace it with tile. So all us kitties had to stay out of the way. Mum said she was mostly worried that one of us would get outside by accident. She made sure my pagoda house was in the room, and my food, and water, and my honeysuckle. My sisters got to stay in her bedroom, and I'm sure they had very much the same. Mum says tomorrow I'll be in the room again, but that will be the last day.


Angel said...

Percy, it is good Mom is looking out for you and your sisters. You would not want to get in the way .

PinkynAsh said...

Better for you all to be safe than lost. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Tracey and Huffle said...

NO kitties should be locked in the room. Ever!

Huffle Mawson