Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Making friends with Bismarck

Sort of.

I will admit to hissing at her a bit. But she hisses at me too. We are, however, better friends than she is with my sisters, who tend to hiss *and* growl at her. But we are all getting better at getting used to each other. Mum has taken a few new photos to show how we're getting along.

Bismarck relaxing on Mum's bed.

Bismarck using my scratcher.

She really likes my scratcher. I told Mum we need a second one.

Bismarck and I sharing time playing with the feather toy.
I will admit to also sampling some of Bismarck's food, but that's because Mum doesn't feed us crunchies. Bismarck gets some because that's what she was getting at her previous home and Mum doesn't want to change that too quickly.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

We know it's been a really long time!

Mum says she's meant to help us post more often, but she's been super busy with work, and her writing (she has a new book coming out in February!) But I urged her to help us post today, because we have Big News.

Do you remember our cousin, Bismarck? Mum posted pics of her and her sister Freddie back in 2009. Back then, she looked like this:

As a kitten (Feb. 2009)

1 year old
So, Bismarck has come to live with us!
That's right, we have a new sister and we are her new furever home.

Bismarck's parents weren't able to keep her (don't worry, her sister has a home), so Mum volunteered for her to come live with us.

We'll be honest, it hasn't been super easy, because we are not used to having a new cat around, but we are trying our best. It's been less than two weeks, and already Bismarck is out and wandering around with us, and sometimes we even play together. We do get hissy a lot though, if we get too close.

Here's Bismarck today. Mum says she's very gorgeous, especially her eyes.