Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's my GOTCHA day!

Mum says she didn't forget, but she did forget to do up a post for us to celebrate! So here we are now. And this means that I have been Gotcha'd for 4 whole years!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Been busy!

Well, we have sure been busy here. Mum is doing a lot of work (she works full-time, plus freelance as a fiction editor), and we had our annual checkup with our v-e-t.

Of course you know what that means... poking, and prodding, and checking. Unfortunately me and Zowie had bad toofs, so we had to go get our toofs cleaned. And I am a slightly less mancatly mancat now, because my special last upper canine toof had to be pulled. Mum is a bit sad about it too, but it needed to come out, because the v-e-t said it would be abscessed and icky very soon.

And Zowie had 4 toofs pulled. Ouchie. The v-e-t says it's because she's getting older, and neither her nor Pandora have ever had very good toofs. However, mum is just glad that we both did well, though she wishes it didn't cost so many green papers.

Pandora still thinks we smell funny though. Darn v-e-t office smells!