Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Percy!

Today is my 6th birthday! :)

I'd like to invite everycat and everydog in the blogosphere over for some treats, tuna and playtime! Mum went out and bought 4 cans of tuna especially for today. I LOVE tuna. (I also love chicken livers, but mum said that the butcher shop didn't have any... darn.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review: Taste of the Wild's new food

(see how Pandora gives mum the 'treat-demanding' look?)

We received some samples of the new Taste of the Wild food, called Canyon River feline. It is only fish proteins with trout, salmon and sweet potatoes and is grain-free. It also has lower protein and fat than the Rocky Mountain Feline.

As we don't eat dry food, mum gave us some of this food as treats! And you know how we love treats. We sure do love these treats. (I think that Pandora would like to eat them all the time, but mum says she can't.)

This might be a good food to rotate into a regular diet if you are a kitteh that eats kibbles, or it would be good as treats if you are a kitteh that doesn't eat kibbles.

Now, we have a small contest for our readers, thanks to the folks at Taste of the Wild. One commenter (drawn via a random number sampler) will win three sample bags of the new dry formula, a $30 gift card to HarlosHealthypets.com and a Bergan TurboScratcher Cat Toy, thanks to the generous folks at Taste of the Wild.

We will take comments until 12AM Monday December 6 (that's late night on Sunday), and then do the draw on Monday. Make sure to leave your email address (or make sure your email is in your blogger profile) so mum can get in touch if you are the winner!

**Update! Our winner is William!**