Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our toys!

Mum found eight of our toys! They had gotten under the stove. Now she knows where to look when Pandora can't find her special brown mousie. Remember this post? She LOVES her brown mousie a lot!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pandora & Zowie!

Pandora and Zowie are 13 years old today!
Mom adopted them when they were kittens and they were just barely six weeks old. You might have seen this photo of them before:

Well, that was taken only a few days after mom adopted them. They were sure tiny! (and they still are pretty small, as Pandora is only barely 7lbs!)

So, to celebrate this big occasion, we are having a party, with...

Lots of food!

And catnip!

And mom promises treats and toys and fun! :)
We also have an excellent Cat TV, with lots of squirrels and magpies to check out...

And if you're needing a snooze after all those nip-tinis, we have several excellent snoozing spots!