Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mum went to the Pet Expo today and she bought me some honeysuckle slices from the ladies at the MEOW booth. She also tells me that they are all really happy that I have found a good home. It sounds like a lot of them are very fond of me, and I remember getting lots of love in the shelter when I was there.

Hello to all the lovely MEOW volunteers! You're great!

(Mum also tells me that she bought each of us a MEOW bed. Pandora has already tried one out, and Mum thinks that they must smell like catnip or something because she was rolling all over it and chewing on it. And Zowie likes honeysuckle too, but she didn't spend as much time with her slice as I did with mine.)


Daisy said...

I have heard about honeysuckle, but I have never seen any before. I'm going to ask my Mommie to get me some!

Your bed sure looks soft and cozy!

Percy the Cat said...

Daisy I bet you would like it a lot! Mum says that some pet stores probably have it, and if there is a store specially for cats, it almost certainly has it. :)

Angel said...

we have never heard of honeysuckle! We will have Mom check the Cat Connection next time she goes!

PinkynAsh said...

The honeysuckle slice looks yummy. We're glad to hear you got new fuzzy beds too. It sounds like you're having a great weekend.