Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pictures of Us

Mum had some fun with that cat cartoon maker thingy, and she made pictures of us. She says they're not quite as good as she'd like, but they do capture our 'looks'... She took these screen captures of our cartoons:

Pandora has her mouth open because mum says that she is always talking. (and we agree, she is almost ALWAYS talking!)

I am a little bigger and I am glad to see that mum got my biscuit head in. The only really inaccurate bit is that I am showing two teef in this picture and I only have one upper canine toof left. But that's how I'd be if I had it back!

And she says Zowie was the hardest one to get. I suppose it's tough with the mix of furs she has.

Has your mum or dad tried this out yet?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mum's not very good at keeping up with our blogging! Never fear, we are all still here! We have been enjoying the spring, and keeping watch out the front window for squirrels and birds. Here is Zowie hanging out in the toy box!

So part of why mum hasn't been posting is because she spent some time in Chicago, doing research for her book! But now she's back, so we hope to be posting again properly.