Sunday, March 15, 2009

My new home

I found my new home yesterday. I was a kitty staying at the shelter run by the MEOW Foundation in Calgary (, who took care of me, gave me my shots and made sure I was okay.

Now I live with a patient and quiet girl who plys me with Temptations treats, and there are two other kitties that I haven't met yet. The girl says that I can meet them in a few days, because even though I am really friendly and would love to play, they need some time to get used to my scent. They've hardly ever lived with any other kitties, so they're not used to having anyone else around. Plus I am a lot bigger than they are, so maybe they'd be scared.

I only have one photo so far, but it was nighttime and I was still nervous, so I didn't want to come out from my hiding spot.

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